Your skin matters. What you put on your skin matters - especially when it’s absorbed into the bloodstream within 26 seconds. Go figure why we insist on nothing less than pure, natural, certified organic ingredients for our skincare. Simply the best nature has to offer. No fillers. No sulfates. No parabens. No mineral oils. No chemicals. No pesticides. No GMOs 
Just naturally calming, soothing, effective relief - that's it.



No one knows our home like Ashleigh McIvor. An Olympic Champion, she was raised on the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb. Ashleigh lives and breathes the X-treme outdoors and can often be found racing down the mountains on her skis, or gripping the handle bars of her bike. Oh, and did we mention she was the gold medal winner of Women's Skicross in its Olympic debut at the 2010 Winter Games? Just a little achievement. Ashleigh has our lip balm in every jacket pocket, because she likes chapped lips as much as she likes long lift queues. We feel ya Ashleigh.

"I love the durability of the tin. It comes with me everywhere."

Anna Sobieniak

Seriously, a must for every hiker. I was the only one in our group not to suffer painful blisters from our brutal rented boots. 

Craig M. Canmore, AB

RBC GranFondo Forte complete. 6 hours, 3,000 m climbing, total of 159 km riding, in rain for 5 hours. Used X-treme Organics Biker Balm - the only way to stay dry and chafe-free. Amazing product.

Brad H, North Vancouer

What Chafe?? With X-tremeorganics, I am safe from the chafe!

Jamie H. - CT

100% PURE . RAW . NATURE .



X-treme Organics was born and raised in Whistler, B.C. by people passionate about exploring the world we live in one slope, wave, and rock at a time. We live in the mountains because they fill us with a sense of adventure and freedom. We like to step out of our comfort zone, try something new, and work towards goals that sometimes seem unattainable.

We wanted to create a skincare line that worked for us. It had to be as tough as the elements we revel in, be made with natural ingredients, and not damage the environment. Our mission is to become a key part of every outdoor warriors toolkit that keeps people in the saddle, on the slopes, in the water, and on the trail for longer.

Our team is made up of a climber, skier, biker, and adventure racer - and that’s just scratching the surface of the “passions” we have. As we continue to explore we’ll be posting stories from the field so you can come with us, but ideally we’d like to think you didn’t have time to read them because you’re out on an adventure of your own.